Acupuncture in Trowbridge and Westbury

Acupuncture originated in the far East several thousand years ago.

Over 1/3 of the world’s population uses it.

The World Health Organisation has collated or carried out a great deal of research, and lists over 30 conditions it considers acupuncture is effective in treating, 

Brief history

Acupuncture originated in the far east about 4000 years ago. It is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a very methodical and logical system. It uses both physical observation and questioning to form a diagnosis, on which a client’s treatment is then based.

Qi and Blood

Needling point LI4 on the handThe way TCM looks at the human being is that for healthy life the nutrients, usually obtained through eating and drinking, have to move around the body. They call this “Blood”. (very similar to the western view). For this to happen there must be a motive force or energy moving it. They call this “Qi”.

They consider both the Qi and blood flow around the body, along various pathways, known as Channels (Chinese) or Meridians (Japanese). These are well recognised and can be seen in many charts / books.

In diagnosing any condition, whether physical, mental or emotional, by identifying the affected channels one can decide what acupuncture points to use to help the body re-establish this flow.

By stimulating these points with fine acupuncture needles we help the body re-adjust itself to alleviate the symptoms and overcome the way it has responded to the condition.

If there is any lack of nutrients, or energy / sensation in any part of the body, or something stopping it moving around the body as needed, there will be illness… dis-ease.

This is a very simplified explanation, but hopefully gives the gist of the thinking behind this logical diagnostic system.


Here in the west as we have become more aware of Acupuncture’s benefits during the last 50 years, more conditions are being added to the list of conditions accepted it helps. It is now being used more and more in the National Health Service.

It is used widely for problems including Arthritic pain (Knees, hips, elbows etc), lower back pain, restless leg syndrome, shoulder pain, digestive disorders (including IBS), infertility, breech baby presentation, headaches and stress.

As more research is done, the list grows longer.

As part of TCM other modalities are commonly used (Moxibustion, cupping etc), if their use will enhance a treatment. (Depending on the condition being treated).

Many of my female clients who are experiencing problems going through natural changes, such as at menopause or conception, have found acupuncture to be enormously beneficial, helping their bodies (and minds!) re-adjust to the changes.

Smaller, but still significant groups of clients are those who have found acupuncture really helpful in reducing pain from arthritic knees/shoulders, and those I help speed up recovery from injuries to muscles/tendons/joints.

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