Acupuncture Treatments in Trowbridge and Westbury

Acupuncture treatments are given at my comfortable and warm treatment room in Trowbridge, or David Mason’s podiatry clinic in Westbury. 

It is also possible for me to visit you for home treatment.
Please ring me to discuss a home visit.

Acupuncture is my primary treatment modality. However, after discussion with you, we might incorporate other modalities listed below. This will enhance your treatment and make it more effective.

Other modalities include: 

What happens in a treatment ?


Treatment room - FromeAn initial treatment will usually last 1.25-1.5 hours. We will spend the first 30 minutes discussing your condition and your symptoms. We will also talk about other related issues e.g. full medical history, medication, lifestyle and other relevant areas.

I will also do some physical examinations, for example checking your pulses, look at your posture/affected body part. 

All of this information is important as it helps me build up a good picture about what is going on in YOU, which is all relevant to how your body is responding to the primary condition you came about.

I will then determine what your Chinese Medical Diagnosis is, and select the appropriate acupuncture points to use – and any other modalities which may help. e.g. moxibustion.


The active part of a treatment (when you have the fine needles inserted) will usually be between 25-35 minutes. You will be on a comfortable treatment couch, usually in a relaxed state. 

Subsequent treatments will usually last 50 min – 1 hour.
Prices are given below.

Before a treatment

  • Please do not come for treatment if you are under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs.
  • Ideally wear comfortable, loose clothing. 

After a treatment

Any sensible precautions, if needed, will be discussed within you during the treatment. 


  • Initial consultation + treatment  (1.25-1.5 hours)      £45
  • Subsequent treatment (50 min – 1 hour)                 £40

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