Nick Short, Traditional AcupuncturistWelcome to my Acupuncture+ website. My aim is to give you some information about me, how to find me and, most importantly, what conditions I can help with. Whilst Acupuncture is the primary treatment modality I use, there are several others which I may use, after discussion with you, to enhance your treatment. I can also use them as a standalone treatment.

Treatments are given at my treatment room at 16 Millards Close, Hilperton Marsh, Trowbridge, or David Mason’s podiatry clinic at 12 Edward St, Westbury.

I can also arrange a visit to your home to treat you, if you have difficulty in getting to my clinic.

Please ring me to discuss a home visit.

For maps showing the locations, please see Contacts Page.

Other treatments include:

If you would like to know how I can help you please give me a ring.

I will discuss your condition with you, and let you know, honestly and realistically, if I can help.

 Charges: Initial consultation and treatment: (1-1.5 hours). charge £45.

Subsequent treatment sessions (1hr) charge £40.

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